A dog who grew up among cats considers itself to be one of them: a funny story


Animal friendship never growing up to astonish us! And particularly the camaraderie between hairy species, which is thought to be incompatible.

However, even a dog and a cat can become very good companions and lovely friends.

Our characteristic features fit this description.

In the USA, Willow, a lovely pit bull, enjoys a happy life with her masters.

She has a cat and a buddy.

These two boys grew up together and defy all expectations, despite the fact that a friendship of this kind between cats and dogs is unusual.

Willow believes that she is just like a cat named Percy.

They do everything all together, Willow has developed a cat-like identity as a result of sharing a home with the animal.

In an effort to be near her friend, she occasionally even climbs the cat tree.

The owners adore their pets and are overjoyed that the two of them have such a close bond.

They have a Chihuahua, and two lovely cats, but only Willow and Percy share a close bond.

They spend more time together. We first noticed Willow was acquiring certain cat mannerisms a week after we brought her home.

She was bouncing on the cat tree and the windowsill. She was a little frightened at first, so we had to help her leap down, but soon she was able to jump up and down without any issues, according to the owner.

That is how the dog, who was raised among cats,


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