A dog with a unique look due to her yellow paws is looking for her new forever home: the sweetest doggo

Interessante Gerüchte

Nobody knows why Marigold’s paws have a surprising yellow coloration, but what is certain is that this shelter dog deserves to have a family of her own.

Sweet and endearing, she learns to overcome her shyness while waiting for a new start in her life.

Wherever she goes, Marigold never goes unnoticed.

What attracts attention are its yellow „socks“, as Metro tells it.

This 3-year-old Greyhound mix does indeed have the bottom of all 4 legs tinted yellow for some reason that no one knows, including the RSPCA team in Bath in the county of Somerset, where the dog arrived after a life of wandering.

Rachel Jones, director of the shelter located in the South West of England, evokes different avenues to explain the specificity of the dog.

According to her, it could be “because of pesticides or dyes after crossing the cultivated fields”, or due “to an iodine spray for sore feet. I guess we’ll never know.“

However, she specifies that the color begins to disappear and that Marigold’s legs will eventually regain their original white.

A gentle and sensitive soul

The female dog is described as gentle, but extremely sensitive.

The ideal for her would be to find her a calm home, with patient and understanding masters.

„Since Marigold was a wanderer, we know very little about her,“ continues Rachel Jones.

We don’t think she’s lived in a house before.

She will therefore need owners who are willing to give her time to ‚acclimate‘ to her new environment.

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    Does she do well with other dogs.