A Dubai resident divorced his wife 15 minutes after the wedding and the reason will surprise you

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15 minutes after their wedding, a resident of Dubai filed for divorce, and the reason may shock you.

Diverse nations have different customs in various countries,

They are passed down from generation to generation and date back to ancient times. However, who would have thought that one of these traditions would lead to a divorce?

For more than a year, Elmira had been anticipating her nuptials.

It was customary in her family for the father to „assist“ his daughter in selecting a compatible spouse, but Elmira’s father was a more progressive individual and allowed his daughter to make her own choice.

Even allowing her to go out with her close friend while being accompanied by her brother, Elmira’s father did not bring up his daughter.


He was, nonetheless, extremely conservative in several instances. The smart groom made the decision to pay the boy’s „ransom“—which was required before the wedding—after the ceremony.

He approached Elmira’s father and begged for more time, promising to pay after the nuptials.

The father concurred, but nobody clarified what was meant by „after marriage.“ When the newlyweds were pronounced husband and wife after the wedding, the father sought the cash.

The groom requested a few more days to test the girl’s father, even though he had all the money ready.

The father insisted on him, though. The boy quickly left after retrieving the cash from the car. Their 15-minute marriage was short-lived. When people don’t trust one another, this occurs.

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