A family in which the children do not go to school but study in nature

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The topic of homeschooling is quite touchy. Both supporters and detractors of this system exist worldwide.

But while some people are talking about it, others are already living it to the fullest.

Amy and Steve Sale, a married couple, have four kids.

The parents have come to the conclusion that a typical school places too much pressure and restrictions on their children.

The family’s oldest son graduated from a traditional school, and now his daughter Ebony, who is now 13 years old, must switch to homeschooling.

Parents found it difficult to make this choice because few people around them took their notion seriously, and society also played a significant role because of how little people valued this type of schooling.

But my mother made the decision to take all the necessary steps to make life simpler for her family.

She discovered a group on social media where parents of homeschooled kids discussed their experiences.

The system’s strength is that the child determines what he will learn and that the actual learning process takes place outside, not at home.

Baby Ebony was a very reserved and shy kid in school, but she completely changed after engaging in „natural learning“!

She has grown incredibly extroverted and sociable. The other two kids were also taken out of a regular school for Ebony.

The family then traveled around Australia after departing from the United States, living in a motor home.

Amy and Steve are convinced that such training is much more efficient and useful than sitting in a classroom at a desk.

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