A family remains without news for 10 days of their senior dog, kidnapped by armed suspects

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Stolen on March 23 while in her owners‘ vehicle, a dog was found safe and sound last weekend. His captors, involved in several other armed attacks, are still at large.

A senior dog stolen by armed individuals was found 10 days later, Channel 3000 reported on Sunday April 3. The couple of suspects wanted by the police are involved in a series of burglaries.

On his return, his family noted with horror that the windows of the vehicle had just been broken and that the dog had disappeared. His master Kraig Knudson and his relatives had posted wanted notices on social networks.

Two days later, the Lake Delton police identified 2 suspects: a man named Adam A. Lujano and aged 39, as well as a woman named Javanni Murjan Esteves and 2 years his senior.

According to the police, they had caused other victims in the area that day, having robbed several cars. In the wake of the Maybel theft, they even threatened the owner of a van with a gun to steal his work tools.

Adam A. Lujano was not on his first package. According to CBS News, he is currently on parole after a conviction for a carjacking committed in 2018.

In 2015, he served prison time for violently attacking a police officer. He and his accomplice are considered dangerous.

On March 28, the Knudsons were still without news of their dog Maybel. A reward of 2000 dollars (about 1800 euros) was promised.

The situation remained unchanged until Saturday, April 2. That evening, Kraig Knudson announced on Facebook the news that everyone had been hoping for; Maybel was finally back with his family. Her owner posted touching photos and video of the reunion.

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