A farmer accidentally found a 6th century statue on his plot

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A farmer accidentally found a 6th-century statue on his plot

North of the Tien Shan, near Isik-Kul, a man named Erkin Turbaev, while plowing the land, discovered a huge 6th-century statue named Balbal.

At first, it seemed to the Kyrgyz that it was an ordinary slab, and he decided to remove it from his territory.

But as he dug deeper, he began to realize that his shovel had not hit a stone, but a giant ancient statue.

The statue embodied a human head and torso. The discovered statue turned out to be a tombstone, in other words, Erkin found a very old tombstone.

It was mainly used by nomadic Turks and Central Asians of the first millennium.

Three meters — this is the length of the found statue. It displayed sculpted armor and a headdress.

He was a warrior, we discovered him thanks to a carved sword in his left hand.

The lower part of the statue was missing, most likely it was just buried separately under the ground.

This man had a dignified and important status at the time of his death. This was noted by the famous historian Abdikerimov, studying all the inscriptions of the exhibition.

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