A father gets angry with a waitress for having „disciplined“ his child – but the internet has no sympathy for him

Interessante Gerüchte

Anyone who has experienced parenthood knows how difficult it is to keep a young child calm in a restaurant or crowded place.

However, this can never be an excuse to allow the child to misbehave and disturb other guests or customers.

A father shared with a consultant an episode involving his mischievous child and the waitress who tried to ‚discipline‘ him.

Of course, the father was convinced that letting his child run freely in the restaurant wasn’t a big problem and criticized the waitress’s behavior towards the unruly child.

„I hoped to receive some understanding, but instead I received an ‚award‘ for bad parenting,“ writes the father.

He recounted being convinced that allowing his four-year-old child to „explore“ the restaurant wasn’t a major issue, but the waitress intervened „firmly“ to make him stop.

The father even went to the manager of the establishment to complain.

The consultant’s response was clear: „Yes, it’s your fault. It’s immensely your fault.“

Nicole Cliff emphasized that it’s difficult for a four-year-old child to sit still, but that doesn’t justify letting him roam around while waitstaff carry trays of food and drinks.

She concluded by saying that the boy isn’t ready to dine in a restaurant until he can behave better.

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