A four years old girl was adopted by a police officer who saved her from her biological family

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In 2018, neighbors complained that some parents were making fun of their two-year-old daughter at a particular home. Police Lt. Brian Zack responded to the complaint.

The man couldn’t believe his eyes when he first saw the infant. In front of him was a little body that was fully covered in cuts and bruises. His parents were responsible for everything.

A police officer dialed an ambulance. Brian told his wife everything when he got home. Together, they decided to care for the child while the court made a custody determination.

Brian stayed in bed the entire time young Kayla was in the hospital. He then took the child home, where his entire family was already waiting for him after being discharged.

The girl was so loved that within a few days, she began addressing Brian and his wife, Sierra, as dad and mum.

The girl’s education was taken over by the policeman. He first began instructing Kayla in reading and writing. They did a lot of walking and traveling.

Because we didn’t know how the court would rule, every day might be our last, according to Brian Zack.

The investigation revealed that the boy was subjected to ongoing abuse by his biological parents.

So there was no debate about giving Kayla back to them.

Their parental rights were taken away from them. And among the relatives, none of them wanted to arrange for his custody.

After four years, the girl was fully adopted by the policeman’s family.

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