A girl and her 82 years old grandfather attend the same college: it is an amazing and very interesting

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Melanie Salazar attended Palo Alto College in San Antonio, Texas, where his 82-year-old grandfather Rene Neira, one of the most well-liked students there, also attends classes. After the forthcoming semester, he is anticipated to receive his economics degree.

Neira has spent her entire life studying economics. It fits into his career. Salazar, 18, was shocked when her post about attending the same institution as her grandfather was shared more than 2,000 times because she believes it to be completely normal.

It’s wonderful to know that something that seems so regular to me is so unusual to others, adds Salazar.

She, a humanities student, claims that her grandfather is well known for his practical outlook and his enjoyment of humor in all circumstances.

„I believe that he attracts people to him because he is so cool—an 82-year-old man who finishes school! He has a strong commitment to his education, she says.

The grandfather claims that being a role model for his granddaughter and young people, in general, is not at all his intention. „No one, including Melanie, is the target of my motivation.

Although I’m happy it’s occurring, I still do what I want „said he. He actually began attending college in

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