A girl fashion designer receives orders and recognition froma famous designer: so amazing girl

Interessante Gerüchte

Kaya Aragon, a 9-year-old Colorado girl, is gradually becoming known for her extraordinary talent and passion for fashion.

In contrast to many of her peers, Kaya spends her free time creating clothing for herself and others, as opposed to many of her peers who prefer to play video games and watch movies.

Kaya’s mother started teaching her how to sew when she was about five years old.

When Kaya acquired her own sewing machine two years ago, she immediately began producing more intricate items like a purse and a kitten bed.

Eventually, Kaya began creating clothing for herself, focusing on elastic and soft materials and combining disparate elements in a way that emphasizes her inherent sense of style.

About a million people have viewed pictures of Kaya’s outfits on

Now, Kaya is engaged in a multitude of endeavors, including creating clothing for her friends and family as well as fulfilling requests from her social media followers to create a skirt out of a wedding dress from 1983.

Kaya, despite being young, clearly loves and excels at fashion, and it is clear that she will have a good future in the industry.

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