A girl with a genetic feature was able to become a successful model

Positive Schwingungen

Many people dream of having at least something in their appearance that could distinguish them from others at the same time, but also attract them.

And whoever has such a zest for some reason is embarrassed by it for many years. So it was with Victoria Santiago, a resident of Kentucky.

The girl has an interesting genetic mark – on one side she has completely white eyelashes and an eyebrow. For many years, Victoria tried to hide this feature with an eyebrow pencil and mascara.

But at some point, the girl decided to start Tik Tok, where she honestly showed herself and what she looks like.

The account immediately gained numerous followers.

Thus, Victoria won an army of admirers of her unusual beauty.

Then she was noticed by brands who would like to see her as the face of their business because today they try to make the public understand that you have to love yourself as you are.

Since childhood, she has had many good friends who have always supported her and considered her position to be incredibly beautiful. Tode’s parents always look at their daughter with admiration.

Beauty is not standard for everybody. Beauty is unique and unrepeatable. Everybody should appreciate her beauty.

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