A guy jumped into cold water to save a little boy: It is really heroic behaviour worth a respect

Interessante Gerüchte

It was a chilly fall day. Walking alongside the Svisloch River with his sweetheart was Vitaly.

They abruptly heard calls for assistance. They discovered that a woman was calling as they sprinted closer.

A young youngster was in the water, she shouted. There was nobody else on the shore.

The child dived into the water after taking off his jacket, surfaced for a moment, and then was once again submerged.

Since it was simpler to reach the drowning toddler from the other side, Vitaly hurried over there.

The man dashed into the Svisloch while still wearing his jeans and sneakers.

The infant was already unconscious when he was grabbed. He was hauled to the shore by Vitaly.

At that point, a large crowd had gathered, and an ambulance was called.

The infant was being revived by medical personnel as they carried him to the hospital.

My partner attempted to wipe me with her sweater, another female gave me a scarf, and the paramedics forced me to board the ambulance, so I could get a little warmer. The little hero continues, „And then I just went home.“

But in the Ministry of Emergency Situations the rescue of the boy from the water by Vitaly called a good man.

No one can come to the aid of another, risking themselves. It is worthy of respect.

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