A heroic adventurer descends into an active volcano to rescue a dog that’s been trapped for 2 days


In Hawaii, a man bravely abseiled down a volcanic fissure to save a dog.

The latter, safe and sound, was able to return to its owner.

Kawika Singson is well known in Hawaii, especially thanks to his incredible photos of volcanic eruptions.

But at the start of the year, the adventurer was treated to a new spotlight.

“I received a message about a dog that had fallen into a volcanic fissure, deep in the rainforest, so I made the 160 km journey to try and help save the dog,” he stated on YouTube.

The animal, which was spotted using its GPS collar, had been missing for 2 days on the island where the famous Kilauea, an active volcano, stands.

Kawika met Cody, the prisoner’s owner, and other rescuers at the entrance to the sinkhole.

Armed with his climbing gear, the man descended more than 7 meters, despite the high temperatures and toxic gases.

When the hero arrived at the height of the canine, named Malka, he managed to catch it and hoist it towards the light.

While waiting for her savior deep in the bowels of the earth, Malka was moaning, reports Daily Mail.

Miraculously, the dog was not injured as a result of her fall. She even withstood the lack of food and water.

A happy ending, said the adventurer, we got Malka out of this hole.

Using a small camera, Kawika filmed the rescue operation from start to finish.

The video was posted on February 8, 2022 on YouTube, and has been viewed nearly 11,000 times to date. Many netizens praised him for his courage and determination.

It’s a real pleasure to know that the survivor is healthy and safe in the arms of her beloved owner!

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