A heroic disabled dog saved the life of a child who was buried alive by her 15 years old mother

Interessante Gerüchte

There are countless tales of our best dog friends who, under any condition, are always willing to run to the aid of those in need.

Ping Pong, a dog who lives in Thailand, is this time’s hero.

A toddler who had been buried alive by his own teenage mother was saved by this cunning dog.

A paw was amputated from the disabled lovely dog Ping-Pong in a car accident.

It is a peaceful, devoted pet that assists its owner by protecting his animals in the country.

The three-legged dog was constantly barking and remained in the same spot; it appeared to be trying to notify him that he had discovered something significant.

Use was shocked to discover the child’s feet when she got closer.

The infant, who was transferred to a nearby hospital, was saved by people who promptly went to the astonished man’s aid.

Fortunately, the child’s life was not in danger, and hospital staff reported that he was in fine condition.

The child’s mother was identified by the authorities as a 15-years old girl who was desperately trying to conceal her pregnancy out of fear that her father would punish her for being pregnant.

The young mother of the baby was concerned that her parents would learn of her pregnancy. The child might, however, be taken care of by his family.

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