A homeless person had been going to the bank for several years, but no one expected that he would become a millionaire

Interessante Gerüchte

During his life, the Swedish man Kurt Degerman started collecting and delivering useless bottles.

This 40-year-old man used to go to the bank once a week as a homeless person.

Then it was discovered that he became a millionaire. In his childhood, Degerman was a very intelligent student.

He was the pride of his school: one of the top students in the class with enormous potential.

Teachers advised him to continue studying because they thought the smart student would have a successful future and career.

There were even several universities inviting him to study there without passing exams. However, luck did not smile upon him, and he never succeeded.

When he was a teenager, he started drifting away from his friends. Then he failed in school and abandoned all the good activities.

So the man spent over 20 years of his life wandering the local streets, collecting bottles for money.

However, he also had a strange habit: he regularly went to the bank, unlike other common homeless people.

No one had ever suspected that he had been investing money all those years.

It turned out that he had collected money from the sold bottles and had bought his first stocks.

Thus, he had earned a million dollars in stocks in his account and 124 gold bars throughout all those years.

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