A kind surgeon saved the lives of 37,000 children for free

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Interestingly, Indian surgeon, Subodh Kumar Singh is a well-known medical professional in his country.

He is a pediatrician. He aids infants with birth defects like cleft palates.

He performed roughly 38,000 procedures during his many years of practice without receiving any payment from his parents.

The doctor has done more good than anyone else just by being himself at work. He has saved the lives of kids.

An error in how the mother’s abdomen formed leads to an issue with the lips and palate that is present at delivery.

These defects result in a bad existence for both boys and girls. They are teased by their friends and some adults because they are unable to obtain milk from their mother’s breasts.

Plastic surgery can frequently solve this kind of issue, but because it is so expensive, not all families can afford it.

As a result, an Indian doctor provides free medical assistance to the kids.

„Because I was raised in a low-income home, I’m an honest person who understands how difficult it is to live paycheck to paycheck.

I was able to become a plastic surgeon, and I have been assisting those in need for a long time, the doctor claims.

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