A loving son organized a world tour for a sick mother: very touching story

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After learning that his mother, Mary O’Neill, 83, had Alzheimer’s disease, Sean O’Saly, 44, took her on a year-and-a-half-long trip around the globe.

Mary visited Nepal, Italy, and South Africa before she passed away. O’Malley claimed that he wanted his mother’s final months to be the most wonderful.

Sean made it possible for Mary to see the beaches of South Africa, the mountains of Italy, and even a festival of colors in Nepal before she passed away in 2021.

At 77 years old, Mary received a diagnosis in 2015. Sean then resided in Rome. The „greatest thing that ever happened in his life,“ according to him, was his late mother.

Mother and son in Nepal adored it.

Sean relates, „We strolled along the lake and watched the kids play.“ – They came, joined us at a cafe, and engaged her in constant conversation while she engaged them.

In April 2018, after Nepal, Sean brought Mary to his flat in Rome.

Sean explained, „She recognized Rome because I had taken her to my place a number of times before. There, she adored going to her favorite eateries and local churches.

Mother and kid left Rome in July because it was too hot and traveled to the Umbrian mountains.

Mary succumbed to a lung illness on May 24, 2021, in South Africa.

Sean said that throughout his last months, he enjoyed spending a lot of time with his mother.

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