A man collected coins and made a floor of them like in the most luxurious residences

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A man created a floor out of pennies in the style of the most opulent homes by collecting coins.

Images of British people The 36-year-old Matt Giles has been making the rounds on the Internet after deciding to display the floor he built himself.

It should also be emphasized that his progeny are more fashionable than the priciest and most exclusive enterprises.

The silicone layer is the first. It is inconvenient to throw coins on the ground.

Matt Giles and his wife searched the internet for a project that would work for their home’s floor.

They came up with the wonderful and insane idea of creating a floor out of pennies.

The inventive pair first exchanged all the paper money for coins at the post office and nearby banks.

They were required to give the bank 270 pounds in exchange for 27,000 coins.

It is more enjoyable to spread the business and money. The floor needs to be grouted after that.

Matt worked for six weeks. The components were initially placed on a silicone-coated floor.

It turned out to be a pretty arduous process, but fortunately, Matt’s pals were eager to assist. Epoxy resin is in the final stage.

After every component was placed on the floor, it was wiped with a specific solution to ensure that there were no gaps.

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