A man discovered $2.4 million worth of gold in a battle bank: what happpened then let’s see

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When Mead and his mechanic started working on the tank, they discovered that the fuel tank was filled with what they initially thought were shells. To comply with regulations, Mead began taking a video of the ammunition, intending to hand it over to the police.

However, upon further inspection, they discovered five gold bars, each weighing approximately 32 kg. The total value of the find was estimated to be $2.4 million.

Experts suggest that the gold bars were likely stolen by Iraqi soldiers from Kuwait during the Gulf War and hidden in the fuel bay of the tank. It is known that Iraq returned over 3,000 gold bars to Kuwait following the end of the conflict.

The discovery has garnered significant attention, with Mead and his team being hailed as lucky for finding such a valuable treasure.

The gold bars have since been handed over to the police, who are investigating the source of the gold and the circumstances of its hiding in the tank.

This incident serves as a reminder that history can often be found in unexpected places, and that treasures may be waiting to be discovered even in the most unlikely of objects.

It is really amazing story.

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