A man in a wheelchair built his dream house using an abandoned building: everyone was amazed

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In Belarus, Vyacheslav Minchanin resides. The man is in a wheelchair after losing both of his legs.

He, however, never lost hope for a better life and accepted a job that was extremely challenging for a person with a disability.

Vyacheslav got the chance to purchase an ancient structure that had been a store for ten thousand dollars.

The building is situated close to Belarus’s capital in the town of Koptiaki.

You’ll witness how a person with physical limitations managed to turn the fully run-down structure into a gorgeous residence.

In 2011, he acquired this old structure, which was 85 square meters in size.

The man made the decision to convert it into a home so he and his family could reside there.

His parents and friends debated his plan’s lunacy. But the man was sure he would be successful.

When all the paperwork was completed, Vyacheslav got to work. The man consulted experienced builders before beginning the project.

His family moved after the heating was installed, and the work continued day by day with the money he had saved.

He believes that having the desire to do anything is crucial. The house is still being built and is not yet complete.

They made the decision to add more rooms and construct a patio in front of the structure.

The man in the wheelchair is content with having lived an active life after realizing his desire.

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