A man who had never liked cats went to the animal shelter to get a dog but his choice fell on a kitten

Two years ago, an Alabama resident, who considered himself a big dog lover and not a cat lover, decided to get a pet and went to the animal shelter.

Although he really wanted to bring home a puppy, he ultimately settled on a really lovable kitty.

“I was in Virginia for military training. As it was snowing heavily, I drove home and on the way, I heard an announcement on the radio that a local animal shelter was urgently looking for owners for their pets.

It was reported that the animals were stranded due to a heavy snowstorm and were unable to make it to the shelter.

The man thought it would be a good idea to have a pet, preferably a puppy, as he didn’t like cats.

But when he finally arrived, all the puppies and even the adult dogs were already busy.

There were barely a few cats left. The man named the cat Barb.

She was still quite young, but within two years she had grown into a magnificent and stunning tortoise-colored cat.

Six months after taking Barb to the shelter, the man brought home a dog, a puppy he named Rupert.

Quickly becoming friends, Rupert and Barb are still friends today and share a bed.

„Rupert and I are best friends, as is Barb. They get along well with the two cats that belong to my friend. We have a lovely existence. »

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