A new record for the most children born at one time was established

Interessante Gerüchte

Gosiame Sithole, a 37-year-old South African, broke the previous record of an African mother who had given birth to nine children by giving birth to ten children all at once. This information was obtained from the news website IOL.

On June 7, 2021, Sithole, who was 29 weeks pregnant, gave birth to a total of ten children—seven boys and three girls.

When the scan initially showed that the expectant couple would be carrying six children, they were shocked. But later, when doctors uncovered two more fetuses, the couple learned they were actually having eight children.

During the course of labor, it was found that there were actually 10 children, not just 8.

The mother, who was 29 weeks pregnant, made the decision to have a caesarean section to ensure the safety of all the newborns.

Usually, strange events like these happen during the in vitro fertilization procedure, but in this case, conception happened naturally.

The neonates will likely spend the coming months in an incubator, according to expectations.

Along with the tens, Sithole also has a set of twin boys who are six years old.

It was originally claimed that a single mother in Africa was the cause of the simultaneous delivery of nine children.

In the course of one day, a Mali mother gave birth to five girls and four boys, totaling seven children.

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