A Nigerian couple gave birth to a white baby with blue eyes and blond hair

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A white infant with blue eyes and golden hair was born to a Nigerian couple.

This is an intriguing example of how genetics works.

A black couple in south London gave birth to a girl who hardly resembles them at all.

Genetic scientists are perplexed by the abnormality of the fair-skinned baby with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Parents Ben and Angela Ihegboro were surprised to see how different their new baby was from them and their other kids.

There are no pale-skinned or mixed-race relatives of the couple who could explain the birth of the child.

The couple is perplexed by the situation while knowing the baby is theirs.

The infant girl was given the name Nmachi, which in the couple’s native Nigerian language means „Beauty of God.“

The young girl is not an albino, according to doctors. His birth is unique genetically, according to Professor Bryan Sykes, head of human genetics at the University of Oxford.

There is no white heritage to explain the phenomenon, hence it is likely the result of an unidentified genetic mutation.

In people of mixed races, a child’s lighter skin tone can manifest, and it can occasionally be startlingly different from the skin of the parents.

This might be the case in communities with significant genetic mixing, such Afro-Caribbean people.

However, there is hardly much mingling in Nigeria.

Of course, we are perplexed and curious about what took place. But we are aware of how peculiar life is.

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