A photographer takes amazing portraits of little ones with Down syndrome

Interessante Gerüchte

Dina Wilson, sister of photographer Julie Wilson, was born in 1975. Down syndrome affected her.

Dina was fortunate, though, in that her parents and sister never stopped loving her, and that she had a caring, supportive family that helped her with everything.

Dina was successful in congratulating Julie on her 2009 nuptials. Dina survived 35 to 33 years longer than her medical professionals had anticipated.

Julie Wilson made the decision to create a particular photo project in honor of her sister after she passed away.

Dina performed a song at Julie’s wedding to honor her cherished sister.

After Dina passed away, her sister made the decision to create a significant piece of art in her honor.

Julie had recently taken up photography as a hobby at the time.

Even so, she became aware that she wanted to capture a number of images of young children with Down syndrome.

Unsure of where to look for models for her photo project, Julie resorted to Facebook. Almost immediately, she was flooded with correspondence from parents of children with Down syndrome.

Julia was already planning what she would shoot. Posh Peanut and Closet shops donated clothing and accessories for the photo shoot.

The photographer claims that she created this project for her personal amusement and to demonstrate to others how children with Down syndrome may truly benefit the family.

Julie believed that by holding this picture shoot, she would be able to communicate with expectant parents who had been informed that their child would be born with Down syndrome.

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