A poem slipped into the papers of a dog adopted from a shelter moves a young woman to tears


Upon discovering the poem accompanying the adoption documents of her dog, a young American could not hold back her tears.

The author of this poignant text adopts the point of view of an animal that has just found a family.

Hope Ervin, 21, and her partner wanted to adopt a dog. The young woman, who lives in the state of Illinois, then went to the local shelter, the Paws Jackson center in Jacksonville.

This is where she met Sylvie, a female Shiba Inu. It was love at first sight and the adoption was formalized.

A few days later, when Hope Ervin took Syvlie with her to work, she rummaged through Syvlie’s adoption papers and found an envelope inside.

This contained the dog’s vaccination documents, but also a poem that moved her enormously. “It really touched me, because [Sylvie] had been abandoned several times and came from a puppy mill,” the young woman told The Independent.

„Will you still want me“
The text was written by Evelyn Colbath in 1995. It is entitled „Baggages“ and expresses, from the point of view of a newly adopted animal, her joy at having found a loving home, but also her doubts, fears and the sadness felt when he was abandoned.

Here is the poem in question:

“Now that I am home, washed, settled and fed,
Comfortably nestled in my new cozy bed,
I would like to open my luggage, for fear of forgetting
There is so much to bear, so much to regret

Hmmm… Yes, that’s it, here it is, at the very top,
Let’s unpack loneliness, grief and loss,
And there, near my perch, hides Fear and Shame.
Looking at these things I tried to leave
I still have to unpack my luggage called Pain.
I loved them, the others, those who abandoned me,
But I wasn’t good enough, they didn’t want me.


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