A rare amazing medical case: triplets gave birth to more triplets

Interessante Gerüchte

Judith Minda gave birth to three twins. She is 32 years old and is from Norway.

Like any mother of three, she is struggling and wishes she had two more sets of arms.

However, Judith and her two sisters were all born on the same day, unlike every other mother of three. Thus, they qualify as her „hands.“

Judith Minda and her partner Glenn Undheim were overjoyed to learn they were having triplets.

The expectant mother was thrilled about this but was also aware that having multiple children could be harmful to her health.

But she found solace in the knowledge that her mother experienced the same thing when she had triplets.

When they were small, the sisters took care of them and adored them.

Additionally, Judith’s mother began sharing incredible tales with the girls from their youth that they had never heard before.

This gave the pregnant woman optimism that everything would turn out okay.

When the infants were born, everyone was joyful.

The celebration for the children’s first birthday just passed.

In contrast to her mother, Judith does not raise her triplets in the same manner.

For instance, she forbids calling any of the children „triplets“ like she did when she was a child.

Mom believes that despite sharing a birthday, every child is unique and should only be referred to by their given name.

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