A rather unique case: a girl was born in the United States two years apart from her mother

Interessante Gerüchte

In America, a single daughter was born who is two years younger than her mother. The embryo from which the baby—who is now one and a half months old—was produced was frozen 27 years ago.

That also sets a world record!

Molly’s photo shoots, along with those of her parents, father, and older sister, are in the news all across the country.

The Gibsons openly admit that after a protracted battle with infertility, it was donors who sent frozen embryos to a nonprofit and planted them with Tina Gibson that allowed them to have their kids.

The delighted mother exclaims, „I never believed I could become pregnant and be a mother, it’s a real miracle! “

Emma was the first to be born; she spent the longest amount of time in Otero, 24 years, of any healthy baby that was born from a frozen embryo. According to Tina, she frequently considered that her daughter might be her own age.

We could be best friends if this embryo was born at the right time—wonderful! That’s said Tina.

The parents choose to have a second kid three years later. According to the non-profit that assisted them in finding donors, Emma’s genetic sister was also frozen.

The newborn, who was healthy, quickly surpassed her sister’s record.

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