A retired couple crosses Germany at 25 kilometers per hour on a tractor: let’s see how they live now

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Inge and Rolf Beinert, a retired couple, have embarked on an exciting journey to visit all the towns in Germany.

They have chosen a 1953 Hannemag R45 farm tractor, which travels at a leisurely pace of 25 km/h, to be their mode of transportation.

The trailer they are traveling in has an interesting history, having previously been used by a circus and a pancake seller before being purchased by the couple in 2018.

The interior of the trailer is simple and nostalgic, with a small living room, a bar and sink, and a small bedroom that doubles as storage for their suitcases.

There is no shower, but chemical toilets and solar panels have been installed. The couple uses a wood-burning stove for heating and cooking and stays at campsites or with farmers for showers when needed.

Inge and Rolf also document their journey on their YouTube channel „Beinertwagen“ and have shown their trailer to the public for the first time in Kilbar, Heilbach.

They are planning a 365-day tour of Germany, using two other trailers, including a 26-person bistro caravan, and hope to meet many people and record interesting stories along the way.

Towing the trailers is a 1943 Hannemag R45 tractor. The couple’s goal is to live a slow-paced life and enjoy the journey.

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