A retiree spends the rest of his life in a hotel because it’s cheaper than a retirement home

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After years of hard work and stressful schedules, many seniors seek a happy retirement.

While some opt for nursing homes or senior residences, the cost can be a concern.

However, Terry Robinson, a 60-year-old American man, had a unique solution – stay at a hotel!

He chose to book a room at the Holiday Inn and take advantage of the long-stay offers and senior discounts, including breakfast and discounted drinks during happy hour.

Affordable and Comfortable

Terry’s decision allowed him to save over half the cost compared to a nursing home, spending only $60 per day at the hotel.

He will also have an additional budget for meals and laundry expenses. In addition to a comfortable room, Terry will have access to the hotel’s amenities such as the swimming pool, gym, and sauna.

He will also have daily essentials like shampoo and toothpaste, and a room cleaning service. With a small tip, he will have a team ready to help and treat him as a valued customer, not a patient.

Health and Convenience

Terry has also considered his health, with the hotel having an arrangement for an ambulance or morgue in case of an emergency.

The costs are covered by the public health insurance scheme. And if he’s lucky, he may even get an upgrade to a suite.

With a hotel near a free senior bus line, Terry can easily travel, and his family can come to visit him or even stay at the hotel for a vacation.


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