A rickety dog left for dead on the beach gets his health back at the shelter to find a forever home

Interessante Gerüchte

Walkers discovered by chance on the beach of Morsalines (Manche) a dog in an extremely alarming state. The animal’s life hangs by a thread.

„A real skeleton on legs“, such is the reflection that one has when looking at the poor dog found by a couple of walkers on the beach of Morsalines.

The animal, which literally had skin on its bones, was appointed to the Cotentin SPA in Tollevast, reported La Presse de la Manche on Wednesday March 9, 2022.

„On the scale, he only weighed 5.5 kg when his weight should be between 15 and 20 kg,“ staff member Déborah told our colleagues.

The rickety canine therefore had the right to a consultation with the veterinarian.

The ingestion of seawater and kelp caused pain in her stomach.

In addition to receiving injections aimed at relieving him, the dog was offered a small manicure session.

And for good reason: his extremely long claws prevented him from walking normally.

“A blood test was also carried out, not without difficulty, the veins being too small,” added the volunteer.

Having neither microchip nor tattoo, no one knows to whom this animal belongs, whose poor condition even prevents a precise determination of the age.

Was he the victim of abandonment?

Could it be a hunting dog that ran away or was lost?

How long has he wandered like a lost soul on the beach?

So many questions which, for the time being, remain unanswered.

“If the owner recognizes his dog, he should not hesitate to contact our services. But we have no illusions, ”said the volunteer.

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