A Russian puppy found drowned in tar in the middle of a field has found a family: But he has a problem


The little dog tried to shelter from the elements beneath pieces of splintered wood as it lived in an old, damaged box in the desert.

Visitors spotted the crumb, noted that he was unable to walk, but assumed it was because of his poor condition.

The kitten could have actually been bathed much more easily because its ability to move freely was restricted by its thick fur, which was bound together by dirt and tar.

It was impossible to watch him eat without crying.

The cub started to consume the bark of neighboring trees and the box it was living in when left without human supervision and regular meals.

Until the puppy is spotted by other animals and taken in.

The dog eventually found a new family in St. Petersburg, and things started to get better.

Rusik’s terrible life on the streets was made up for by the new owners, who took care of him and treated him like a member of the family right away.

Unfortunately, Rusik’s transition to a new life was not sped up by the past.

The dog was ultimately found to be unable to adequately clear out its guts.

Rusik found that using the restroom had become a painful struggle.

The cherished dog of the new household was not to be abandoned.

They introduced Rusik to every vet in the area, and he even went to the most renowned private veterinary facility in St. Petersburg.

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