A school of hungry giant crabs attacked a family picnic in Australia and caused quite a scare


Dogs are among the world’s most intelligent animals. Mohd Ridhuan, a Malaysian, is self-confident in this.

He and his friends frequently visit the shore to provide food for a stray dog.

He gives his canine companion cookies before he retires to bed. The dog was usually thrilled when Mohdi visited.

Unfortunately, the young man could not take the poor animal with him. He played with him and gave him lots of attention on the beach, in addition to feeding him.

The dog, however, decided that wasn’t enough and went to see his friend at work.

Imagine Mohd’s shock at discovering the puppy he recognizes from the beach in front of his office door.

In a video that he put online, he recorded the poignant moment of their encounter.

Many viewers appreciated the video, which immediately gained popularity.

After this incident, other stray dogs started going to Mohd’s.

Apparently, a furry friend’s pal had „told“ his loved ones about his nice friend and they have now started visiting him.

The young man enjoys caring for stray animals and encourages others to do the same.

Be happy and make happy.

Kindness is the best way to be helpful in your life.

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