A selfless mother of four adopts her 81years old widow into her family: she was all alone

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Taylor-Danielle Pearson, 27, was volunteering with the elderly, she encountered Irene Smith, 81.

The women instantly bonded over a language and grew close. Irene had been living alone since she lost her husband ten years ago.

She now has a wonderful daughter, a pretty grandson, and three nice granddaughters as her „foster family“ as a result of a recent friendship.

The kids developed a deep affection for „Grandmother Irene.“

She visits them frequently, plays with them, and gives them gifts. Naturally, they will all get together to enjoy Christmas.

Taylor-Daniel hopes that by setting an example, more people would be motivated to help others by inviting lonely seniors to their holidays.

Michael Pearson, her husband, supports his wife in this admirable endeavor.

The past ten years have been spent by Irene Smith alone. She didn’t leave the house more than once a week before she met her new family.

„Irene didn’t grow up in a family setting, so when we met her, I knew I wanted to take her in as a member of my family. I asked her for tea.

Children adored it! It was mutuality at first glance. Irene and we thought she belonged with us,“ Taylor says.

She gets the energy to enjoy life again through talking to kids.

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