A sick girl proposed to her boyfriend to break up but he had other plans

Interessante Gerüchte

When an American named Gillian Hanson learned of her diagnosis, she was very surprised. Illness always strikes out of the blue, bringing with it grandiose life goals and plans.

Knowing that the coming years would take treatment, and that the situation could get worse, Gillian proposed to her young man to leave.

Before Gillian received a terrifying diagnosis, she and Max dated for three years. The girl immediately decided to let the young man know that in the coming years, she would need to undergo chemotherapy and other treatments, and the situation could also get worse.

She invited him to leave in order to avoid problems in the future. But Max refused.

Max decided to surprise Gillian. He made a deal with the girl’s parents and the hospital staff… and proposed to her.

The girl was touched – for her, this day became doubly important! Although the couple had already discussed marriage before Gillian’s diagnosis, she was surprised.

„I was so stunned that he decided to propose on this already special day,“ the girl said. “Now we are going to celebrate two holidays at once!

Soon the story was heard in New Jersey and local wedding planner Lauren Grench offered them a full wedding arrangement for free.

She also attracted other professionals who discounted their services.

Among other things, the famous designer of wedding dresses Kenneth Winston gave Gillian one of his dresses.

Gillian and Max tied the knot on October 18, celebrating the occasion with family and close friends

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