A single father does unusual hairstyles for his daughter: it is unusual behaviour

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Single mothers‘ challenging lives are frequently discussed in the media. But for us, a dad raising cubs by himself is a rare occurrence.

These dads are struggling as well, in the meanwhile. Greg Wickhurst from Colorado in the United States is responsible for parenting Izzy alone.

He makes every effort to make sure the child has all he or she needs and is as content and carefree as his or her peers.

Greg feeds the infant, clothes him, and offers constant assistance.

Izzy, though, is developing, and one day she needs assistance with something that her father found more challenging than higher math.

Izzy required a trim. Greg believed there was no use in taking the little child to a specialist because he could easily address the situation himself.

Using scissors, he removed everything that he deemed unnecessary.

It was a disaster when Izzy saw herself in the mirror and started crying.

The girl had already reached the age where being beautiful was her goal. However, the abusive father was unable to assist her.

The man realized that as he got older, his daughter would put more pressure on him to look good.

Then he made the decision to start working as his child’s personal stylist.

Greg works at a nearby institution that features a school for hair and makeup professionals in addition to other programs.

The man went to the class of aspiring beauty experts during his lunch break and asked the pupils to show him how to do hairstyles.

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