A Slavic couple adopted a little boy 15 years ago: their life without him would be sad

Interessante Gerüchte

This couple desired a family. But the wife was not able to conceive.

They did everything they could at the moment, but in vain. They decided to adopt a little child as a result.

Likewise, they started looking for a baby. They learned that due to the poor living conditions in Africa, there are a lot of orphans.

Furthermore, they traveled to the Congo to adopt a baby they had discovered there. Since individuals there live by different rules, the couple had several challenges there.

More than two years passed during the adoption process. In addition to the paperwork, the couple had to pay a 35k special tax for the child.

Additionally, the couple’s family and friends did not support their decision and were baffled as to why they chose to adopt a child from that country.

The adoptive parents relocated to the United States to escape social pressure and prevent their son from getting into trouble.

Matias was thus three years old.

The parents are content with their choice to move the family to America, where they have resided for the past 15 years.

Matthias, who is already eighteen, is pursuing his studies at the university.

The boy’s devoted parents believe that life would be sad without their son. The child made the decision to go to his native Congo after they told him his story.

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