A spectacular combination of flashy coloring scattered across his tiny body produces a finley feathered avian standout

Interessante Gerüchte

A magnificent display of flamboyant colors and patterns spread throughout its brownish body results in a vividly colored, gregarious bird that is a regular visitor to mixed-species groups.

Actinodura strigula (chesnut tailed bird) is a tiny gray brown bird with predominantly gray upper parts.

The major upper wing coverts are black, which contrasts with the orange-yellow margins of the flight feathers and the widely whitish-edged tertials.

The tail is brownish-chestnut and black, with wide white tips and a yellow fringe.

The underparts and chin are yellowish, while the neck is pale with tiny wavy black stripes.

The head is yellowish to rufous, with blackish washed golden lore and ear coverts.

A black stripe runs behind the ear-coverts. The bill is dark brown and pointed, while the lower mandible is whitish.

The eyes are brown to reddish and are encircled by a pale yellow eye-ring. His feet and legs are gray.

Both sexes appear relatively similar, with the juvenile having grayer top parts and paler and duller underparts than adults.

The black throat bars have shrunk and become less noticeable.

This species may be found from 1800 to 3700 meters in height, with lower elevations during hard winters from India to Malaysia.

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