A starving Pitbull was rescued and rehabilitated by kind people :Look what he looked like


This dog spent six years being confined. The famished pit bull had been waiting for a miracle, which did materialize.

Heather Owen, an employee of „One Tail at a Time“ who works in animal rescue and owner support, saved and treated the starving puppy.

Arugula, a pit bull, was left behind in an alleyway next to the homes with a cover.

The dog was so exhausted that he was unable to even raise his head. Arugula was driven right away to the veterinary facility.

Emergency services were Thankfully delivered on time. The dog was able to stand up and walk a short distance a few days later.

After some time, it became evident that the dog had been neglected and kept in appalling conditions before being abandoned in the street to her fate when she was already famished.

How vile human beings can be! A foster family in Chicago was fortunately found for Arugula, and they transported her there from the hospital.

The dog was wearing a thick sweater because she was frail and prone to colds.

The pit bull was becoming stronger and felt great in the foster family. He liked taking walks outside and playing with toys.

Arugule eventually made an almost complete recovery and had to leave her foster household.

Arigula had excellent luck.

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