A stray dog ​​broke into the couple’s wedding and what happened next will definitely shock you


Tamiris and Douglas, a Brazilian couple, just tied the knot.

Unexpected attendees were present at the ceremony.

As the ceremony started, a stray dog sat down right outside the church’s entrance.

Prior to returning to wait for the ceremony to conclude, he first followed the bride down the aisle.

They first desired to pursue the dog. However, they came to the conclusion that the dog had to have been drawn there by fate.

The dog sat quietly at the entryway and waited patiently during the ceremony.

The dog joyously met the newlyweds as they exited the chapel, appearing to congratulate them by starting to kiss them and wagging its tail.

He made the newlyweds and everyone else happy. This cute creature captured the couple’s hearts.

Everyone left to go out and party after that, but the next day, the bride Tamiris called the event planners and requested them to locate the dog.

He was taken to the veterinarian as soon as they picked him up.

It turns out that the stray was healthy other than having a broken leg. After being groomed, he was given back to his new owners.

The couple appreciates having a pet with them on their special day.

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