A supermodel at 94: daphne selfe makes waves in the fashion industry and breaks age and beauty standards

Interessante Gerüchte

When discussing the „modeling business,“ one often thinks of young models strutting on the catwalks and gracing the covers of the most popular magazines.

However, Daphne Selfe, a 94-year-old British supermodel,

challenges all the age standards imposed by the beauty industry, proving that age can mean even more intense elegance and charm.

Daphne is the oldest professional model in the world, with over 70 years of experience in the industry.

She has worked for renowned brands like Dolce & Gabbana, posed for artists, and even written a memoir.

Despite her age, Daphne has no intention of „retiring.“

Her style icon is the Queen, and she shared in an interview: „In a way, we’ve always admired royalty, especially the young Queen.

They lived such fascinating lives, or at least we thought so. Today, people seem to avoid dressing elegantly, which I find a shame, as I love taking care of my appearance.“

Daphne was discovered in 1949 when she won a fashion contest in England. The times of her entry into the fashion world were very different from today.

She explained: „Back then, modeling was completely different.

There were no Fashion Weeks, the main runways were in department stores, and only a few models would go to Paris.“

Despite her age, Daphne is still full of energy. She has an exercise routine that includes yoga, ballet, weights, and a stationary bicycle.

She has a loving family, three children, and four grandchildren. Daphne continues to inspire the fashion world, showing that style knows no age and that mature beauty is as captivating as youthful beauty.

She concludes with valuable advice:

„Taking care of health is essential. Modeling requires commitment and a good work ethic. One must be punctual, focused, and set aside the phone.“

Her story is a symbol of the strength of older women in the fashion industry, an example for everyone of how elegance and a passion for life can transcend any age.

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