A sweet and caring little boy becomes the guardian of the stray cats taken in by his mother

Interessante Gerüchte

He has lived surrounded by cats almost since birth. It is therefore quite natural that little Ash began to love them and take care of them, alongside his mother who regularly takes in felines in distress.

Ash is a 2-year-old boy whose best friends are cats, as told by Love Meow.

His mother Athina is the founder of Jersey Kitty Rescue Network, an association helping kittens and cats in difficulty, based in the state of New Jersey.

Some of these felines come from the streets, others from shelters or have special needs. Athina acts as a foster family for these animals to help them get back on track and find them adoptive parents.

\Shortly after his birth, Ash had received a visit from Lt. Dan, one of the cats taken in by his mother.

Suffering from paralysis in his hind legs, Lt. Dan attached himself to the newborn and welcomed him in his own way, offering him all his tenderness and benevolence.

The other cats in the house then imitated him and, very quickly, the infant found himself surrounded by felines.

Lt. Dan „was Ash’s first cat friend,“ according to Athina. The animals took turns to keep him company. One of them, called Casper, made it his mission to watch over the child while he slept.

A specific interest in cats with special needs

Growing up, the little boy developed a great interest in the most fragile cats. This was noted by his mother, who indicates that at the age of one year, she let him wear and caress them under her supervision.

“Ash was very observant and knew they were different from other cats,” she adds.

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