A tiny bird covered in spectacular patterns of yellow and black coloring with white flecked and spotted wings

Interessante Gerüchte

A little bird with amazing black and yellow colors and white speckled wings.

The Himalayan black-lored tit (Machlolophus xanthogenys) breeds on the Indian subcontinent and has a wide black line down its front.

A big black crest tinged with yellow, a black neck, throat, and a black band extending from the bill to behind the head complete the appearance.

The cheeks are yellow, while the upper body is olive-green. Two white wing bars are present, as are white outer tail feathers.

The female has a similar appearance to the male, but may appear duller.

The Himalayan black lored tit breeds in the Indian Subcontinent, including Nepal, along the Himalayas.

These birds like densely forested places, evergreen forests, mixed bamboo jungles, and plantations.

The Himalayan black lored tit eats insects and spiders from the canopy and will occasionally eat fruit.

During the mating season, these birds will dig their own nest, but if given the chance, they may use woodpecker or barbet holes.

The female will lay up to three to five red-spotted white eggs.

So, unfortunately, this kind of wonderful type – the IUCN Red List considers the Himalayan black lored tit to be of the least concern.

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