A tornado destroys a shed in which a cat was hiding: his miraculous survival prompts his family to give him a new name

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When a tornado hit the state of Iowa (USA) on Saturday March 5, 2022, a cat chose to take shelter in a shed in Humeston.

Alas, the building was destroyed… Luckily, the animal survived, which earned it a new name.

We can say that Patty Arnold’s feline was born under a lucky star.

As a tornado ripped through the state of Iowa at the end of the day, the cat took refuge in a shed, which the strong winds completely destroyed.

Walls and agricultural equipment were ejected further on the property, several hundred meters. A frightening experience for the hairball…

Fortunately, the latter miraculously escaped unscathed. Although the environment was ravaged by the storm, the animal survived sporting only matted hair!

Dorothy, Wizard of Oz character

Her family, “shocked and bewildered” according to Newsweek, decided to rename her.

This is how the cat received the first name Dorothy, after the character of the famous film The Wizard of Oz, dating from 1939.

Indeed, a tornado takes away the house, in which the girl and her dog Toto are to the land of Oz.

The cat may not have had such a magical adventure, but at least she is alive and well.

“I’m sure it was terrifying for her, but she doesn’t seem to care now, her owner said, how did she survive? I do not know. “A mystery that will remain intact.

During this weekend, several tornadoes were reported in the state of Iowa. Still according to Newsweek, scientists even recorded an F4 tornado, the first since 2013.

To date, at least 6 deaths have been reported.

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