A two years old girl befriends a family of wild hyenas: it is amazing

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Kiki Volhuter, age 2, lives in Zimbabwe’s Sango National Park with her parents. She loves animals, as one would expect of the zoologist’s daughter.

She especially likes hyenas, and she not only gets along with but also befriends a whole pack of them.

Furthermore, she spends her time playing with the young hyenas.

Most kids dream of having a kitten or a puppy, but Kiki Volhuter, age 2, has a unique group of pals: a herd of hyenas!

She fell in love with hyenas after her parents, who are zoologists who work in Sango National Park, gave her a miniature version of one.

Today the girl competes in a race with hyenas, cuddles the puppies, and plays with them with a stick, showing no fear of predators at all.

Under the watchful eye of her father, a scientist with expertise in the study of these species, Kiki frequently engages in playtime with baby hyenas.

Kiki’s father, Kim Wolhuter, researches hyenas in the wild and also produces documentaries about them.

He and his family have long resided in Africa, near the subjects of their interest.

Before having a daughter, Kim, 61, made friends with hyenas. He claims that despite not feeding them, they frequently visit his home because they adore him and enjoy playing with him and, now, his daughter.

Kim made the decision to acquaint his daughter with the hyenas. Kiki requested to be allowed to play with the hyenas as well when I began playing with them once they entered our garden, he claims.


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