A veterinarian’s sweet and clever technique for administering a vaccine without the puppies noticing


Animals are often stressed during an appointment with the veterinarian. Some practitioners use ingenuity to put their patients at ease. This is the case of Dr. Evan Antin.

You may have already heard of Dr. Evan Antin, who pampers cats, dogs and other small animals in his practice.

This veterinarian not only knows the recipe for the perfect smile, but also the one that soothes your pet during a medical appointment.

Newsweek magazine relayed a touching video of the big-hearted practitioner.

Originally posted in December 2021 on Facebook, the footage recently resurfaced on community website Reddit, where it has received 65,000 upvotes to date.

Sometimes it only takes a few tiny seconds to melt someone’s heart. In the clip, Dr. Evan Antin sits next to 2 puppies.

To administer their vaccine in a gentle and positive way, the veterinarian offers them a cup filled with food, which they hasten to taste. While enjoying their meal, young dogs do not pay attention to the injection.

“Distraction is actually one of the most powerful tools available to anyone working with animals,” Dr. Evan Antin posted on Facebook, “and not just food distractions.

For example, I cut Henry’s claws during the baths. He hates having his claws cut, but he’s so distracted by bath time, he doesn’t really care about his claws at the time.

To easily give a medicine to his hairball, owners can also use a treat.

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