A voice from the back interrupts the wedding ceremony, as the bride turns around and starts crying

Interessante Gerüchte

Everyone has a specific mental image of their wedding day.

As they walk down the aisle, many people imagine a room full of their dearest friends and relatives.

But things rarely go as planned. Both the bride and the guests at Tricia and Neil’s wedding have learned how surprising surprises can be.

The couple had their ideal plan for their special day, but they didn’t know that their guests also had elaborate plans!

Tricia and Neil’s wedding was going as expected.

They exchanged vows and were about to make a lifelong commitment when they heard a sound coming from the back of the church.

A voice slowly began to sing. The rest of the flash mob started to join in, leaving the couple amazed and astonished.

Contrary to what many people might expect, this wedding flash mob didn’t involve a lot of jumps, dances, or loud singing.

The choir sang „How Great Thou Art“ as their magnificent voices filled the church. Tricia started crying immediately because the performance was fantastic and heartfelt!

This surprise was so powerful that it caught the entire church off guard.

On a precious day like their wedding, the couple was able to witness a touching performance by their loved ones.

Even though this song played a minor role in the celebration, the couple and the rest of the audience were deeply moved by the performance.

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