She is 71 years old and she dances in a disco : attends fashion shows and leads a busy life

Positive Schwingungen

Last year, Elena Volk gained popularity. It was simultaneously covered by other channels.

A brilliant 70-year-old party girl lighted up cooler than youth, danced the night away, and had a great time.

This vivacious retiree attends fashion events, meets incredible people, participates in photo shoots, and has fun until dawn instead of sitting on a bench and chit-chatting with every passerby.

16 years have passed since Elena’s divorce.

I was a submissive woman, and my husband was a hard man, he said. He rocks and roll dance at age 60. I can now sustain two!

The walls of Elena’s apartment are covered with dozens of pictures of her late husband, and she still holds each of his gifts.

However, a woman is prepared to live on and perhaps get married, but her prospective spouse should be younger.

She needs assistance because most of her classmates are irritating grandfathers.

Elena has now discovered how to relish each day. The funds are not used to buy medications. But for amusement.

Elena believes that her age cannot be judged on the dance floor and that she can dance for several hours.

Age never has an influence on the people who love life.

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