A woman bought an abandoned town instead of an apartment and moved there to live alone

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Eileen discovered that her finances wouldn’t even cover a modest studio five years ago.

Even though the town had been abandoned for a long time, it was still worth the same amount.

The woman acquired an abandoned village instead of an apartment without giving it any thought, and she moved there.

Cisco doesn’t appear to be a typical city. It is a collection of abandoned homes with windows that look out onto the magnificent La Sal Mountains.

As she passed the village, Eileen saw that one of the homes had a price tag.

It appears to be the only home in the entire nation that suits my budget, Eileen remarked.

In actuality, Cisco’s nominal owner was more than delighted to dispose of the desert’s illiquid real estate.

The woman was forced to live in a trailer for the first year while a nearby cabin underwent renovation.

After Eileen’s tale appeared in several magazines a few years later, tourists found the deserted town.

They pause occasionally to observe the hermit so that the woman can work in her own town and make money.

Everyone is not suited to living in a remote area. But for some, the lack of people is actually a big plus.

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  1. Cheryl Knoll

    I would love to live there