A woman fulfilled her biggest dream at the age of 68: her story inspired everyone

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American Teresa Lyles realized her dream when she was 68 years old. She spent four years walking there, and when her granddaughter received her diploma, she joined her on stage.

The granddaughter and grandma received their diplomas from Tennessee’s University College at the same time.

Zuri Lyles, Teresa Lyles‘ granddaughter, is 22 years old.

Zuri and Teresa both hold bachelor’s degrees in medical administration and sociology, respectively.

When I was younger, I attended this university, but I left in 1970 because I had to support my family, said, Teresa.

Disaster struck the family: Teresa’s middle daughter, Zuri’s mother, went away when the grandmother and granddaughter were both attending college.

The incident, according to Zuri, „shook us so deeply that I almost quit school and my grandmother was depressed.“ „But we persisted in helping one another.

We made an effort to complete every assignment and attend every class, despite everything.“I’ve always wanted to complete college, but I never got the chance.

Teresa said, „I didn’t even think I could. It was fun doing it with my granddaughter, I thought. We supported one another.

Though it was challenging, we had to move forward.

Attending graduate school is Zuri’s goal. Although Teresa is happy to have received her bachelor’s degree, she will still provide for her grandchildren.

This is the first time in the university’s more than 100-year history that a grandmother and granddaughter graduated at the same time.

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