A woman receives her first birthday cake for her 100th birthday from a boy who claims to be her grandson

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Ruby had spent most of her life taking care of her family. At the age of eight, her father left for war, and she became an adult in her family, taking care of her mother and younger siblings.

When she was twelve, they found out that their father had died in battle. From then on, Ruby dropped out of school to work at a fabric store and support her family.

As her siblings graduated and left home, Ruby was left to take care of her mother, who passed away when Ruby was seventy-three.

Throughout her life, Ruby never had the chance to celebrate any milestones or achievements. When she turned one hundred, she was alone with no one to celebrate her birthday.

That’s when a young man came to her under the guise of her great-grandson.

Ruby’s encounter with the young man gave her a chance to reminisce about her past and feel loved for the first time in a long time. She talked about her life and the sacrifices she made for her family.

She also talked about the pain of giving up her newborn daughter for adoption.

The young man listened intently to Ruby’s stories and gave her the chance to feel valued and appreciated.

Even though he wasn’t her great-grandson, he made her feel like she was not alone. Ruby realized that there were people in the world who cared for her, and that gave her the strength to keep going.



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